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    1031 Exchange can get very confusing, very quickly. Can you avoid paying capital gains taxes? If you purchase like-kind property, are the taxes on the transaction eligible to be deferred? The regulations are detailed and strict; the language is complicated; the terms can be daunting. But the reward is great.


    With over 28 years of experience as a full-time Qualified Intermediary (QI) company, Banker Exchange provides clients with full-service, tax-deferred exchange services. We've been earning trust, protecting assets and providing sound §1031 exchange advice for our clients; even in the most complex exchanges.


    Professionally, 1031 Exchange is a unique tool that can help you build long-lasting, loyal client relationships and maximize opportunities within your existing database.


    Our education series will help investors and professionals gain more knowledge and provide a forum to ask questions. Each session will offer a 30-45 minute presentation, followed by Q+A.

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    1031 Basics

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  • Topics

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    1031 Basics

    Get an overview of 1031 Exchange, perfect as a refresher or for new professionals.

    Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code allows for the deferral of capital gains taxes under certain circumstances. 1031 Intro is a great way to get the basics.

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    Common Misconceptions

    The Top 10 

    IRC regulations for like-kind exchanges can get confusing quickly. Even if you know the basics, there are a few areas where errors are easily made. We will go over these common mistakes.

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    Construction Exchanges

    Ready to exchange....into what?

    How to work within the restrictions of §1031 with a property that requires construction.

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    Ownership Structures

    Planning is essential

    Investing in real estate with a partner or group can get complicated. What's the best structure for ownership? We will go over the pros and cons of several multi-owner structures, taking into account the specific goals of investors.

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    Vacation/Second Homes

    How it can qualify for exchange 

    In general, vacation and second homes do not qualify for exchange. However, under certain conditions it is possible. Learn more about qualifying these properties to be exchanged.

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    Documenting the Exchange

    A comprehensive guide 

    Properly documenting a §1031 exchange is essential. We will present an overview of §1031 Exchange, focusing on unique/specific closing requirements and common misconceptions.

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    1031 Exchange vs. Opportunity Zones

    A comprehensive comparison

    Navigate the similarities and differences between a §1031 exchange and an Opportunity Zone investment. Both can provide great tax benefits to investors - our comparison will highlight how they can work together and review circumstances where one may offer a greater benefit.

  • About Us

    As a full-time Qualified Intermediary company with over 30 years experience, we provide clients with full-service tax-deferred exchange services under Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code. Fully bonded and insured, Banker Exchange has handled thousands of transactions and deferred tens of millions of dollars in taxes for our clients. A successful exchange is our goal, and our greatest asset is our people. To learn more about us, check out the link below.